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Where is the best place to put an amp and speakers for a 2010 Fundeck 201?

I bought a 2nd hand 2010 Fundeck 201 and would like to upgrade the sound system.  Where is the best place to put a 6 channel amp?, Where is the best place to put 4-6x9 marine speakers and 1-10 or 12 inch marine subwoofer?


  • FlyingV5
    FlyingV5 Member Posts: 154 ✭✭✭
    I described in the post "can you hear me now?" how I installed a Pyle marine subwoofer in the console of my FD196. Sorry no pictures, I'm only a lurker on Facebook. I learned that while putting the unit in the trunk of a car may work fine, the fiberglass console is much less acoustically transparent. The little grill for the horn and the vent under the dash are the only holes and the bass is muffled. I keep the remote level control set to max and it gives a nice enhancement to the low notes, but with the storage door open it really thumps. So the console is a good dry place for the sub and easy to wire but you might consider installing larger grills to let the sound out. As to the speakers, don't do what the installers did on my boat. Before you cut, raise the hinged seat cushion all the way open and mark where the lower edge is. If you install the speakers too high, opening the seat compartment crushes the speaker grill!!