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2013 FD 226-4

kathleenmdunham Member Posts: 7 ✭✭
Took delivery in late June.  Now i know our biggest mistake.  Bought the boat at a boat show and not at a Marina on our Lake.  Several problems right off the bat.  Gas gauge working intermittently - cushion covers so badly fit - I could have made them - one cushion does not fit properly - Hugh gap between cushion and back.  Many places where vinyl is stretched so poorly over bases that I can't believe it will not tear through in the near future. 
Canopy cannot be used - I think it is the wrong canopy for the boat or is clearly improperly installed.  What does the Marina " Freemac" on Oneida Lake, New York have to say - "we forwarded all of your information to the manufacturer" (which was closed last week).  Too bad we paid in full when we took delivery.


  • gzbass
    gzbass Member Posts: 1
    I also feel your pain.
    We took delivery, 216FD in late May. Same issues with the seats and vinyl. Very poor job....
    there are gaps and the seat cushions dont match up with the bases. And the vinyl is folded in so poorly that it sticks where there are folds. The drain doesnt work with the floor cabin door, I have fixed this twice, so everything is constantly soaked and grows mold. Trim tab works when it wants too.
    The cup holders above the sink look like they were installed with puddy. Just very poor craftsmanship.
    Boat purchased in Jersey and now resides in Lake George, 4 hrs. from dealer.
    Considering what we paid, I will not recommend Hurricane to others.
  • Capt_Steve
    Capt_Steve Member Posts: 416 admin
    @kathleenmdunham @gzbass ... putting these issues in the hands of Terri at Hurricane. I'll pass along her recommendations.
  • Capt_Steve
    Capt_Steve Member Posts: 416 admin
    @kathleenmdunham @gzbass ... to expedite the resolution of these issues, please contact Terri directly at She will help you coordinate with dealer and make sure everything's on track. 
  • jucenbrudy
    jucenbrudy Member Posts: 1

    Understand your Pain ! However, we too took delivery of our Sundeck  24 ft 2007 at a special event. Numerous issues BUT Godfrey and our dealer came through on everything ! We even had a problem 6 years later but Godfrey still did a great job at dealing with  our concern.

    I echo previous comments, contact Terri because they truly understand the meaning of 'customer service.'


    BLUE J