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radio quit working

I took my 2009 202 fun deck out yesterday and the radio would not come on. any-one else have this problem? I checked the rocker switch and it lights up and the circuit breakers are all fine.Any idea's? nothing comes on at all.


  • A92notchback
    A92notchback Member Posts: 2
    I have had that problem, and it can be caused by several things.  First I would recommend that you use a voltmeter to check for power at the wiring that plugs into the back of the radio.  If no power, then you may have a blown in-line fuse or a bad connection.  If you have power, then check your ground wire for continuity and good connection.  If the ground is good and you have power, check on the radio for a factory reset button.  If that doesn't work, it may be time for a new stereo.  I just replaced mine with a mechless head unit from Boss that has decent sound and bluetooth connectivity for less than $100.  It's definitely not audiophile quality, but it's plenty loud on the boat, sounds decent, and is budget friendly.

    Hope this helps.