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fmc1942 Member Posts: 7

I have been boating for 40+ years and have had many different boats. The fd 226 cc is the one I have now. I have a hard time getting the boat on the trailer, it is a Tennessee Trailer. When I pull onto the trailer close to the front wench get on the front and wench the boat forward the rear of the boat drifts off the trailer to one side or the other, this causes it not to be on the trailer bunks properly, I realize side boards would correct the problem, but with a relative square front on this model it means that between the side boards when loading on trailer there is only about 4" clearance to get the boat into, that not easy to do.. I know there are many of these boats out there and I would like to know how others handle this..




  • skibum
    skibum Member Posts: 56 ✭✭
    How far is your trailer in the water? Sounds like too far by your description. Try pulling trailer up a bit and driving her up.
  • fmc1942
    fmc1942 Member Posts: 7

    I agree but, the water line on trailer is about half way up on the fender, any shallower and the boat can not be driven far enough forward on trailer. maybe the ramp is to steep.. If others are not having a problem  guess it is the ramp.. previous owner had the trailer to deep and hit the bow on the wench and has a bunch of jelcoat dings...



  • FlyingV5
    FlyingV5 Member Posts: 154 ✭✭✭
    fmc1942, does your trailer have guide posts at the rear? I had some difficulty putting my FD196 on the trailer and finally settled on backing the trailer in deep enough that the rubber bumper lined up correctly with the bow eye, floating the boat right up to the winch and gently snubbing it up, then letting the boat drop onto the bunks as it came up the ramp. Of course, any crosswind or other troubles can make the boat hit the guide posts and they bend real easily. Plus I rubbed off more pinstripe every time I loaded it. Look for a steep ramp so the truck stays out of the water. Here is a photo of the rig. This is a light-duty trailer. I keep the boat in the water now.