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trailer bunks and smart tabs SD2000

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So, I am about to install smart tabs on my 2012 hurricane SD 2000 but the bunks are in the way.  Every hurricane I see on the trailer has the bunks extending about 6 inches beyond the boat.  I have two options. 1) move the boat back on the trailer, install the smart tabs with the retractable option and them move the boat back to the original position. 2) cut the bunks off and install the smart tabs as I did on my other boat with out the retractable option.

I know that smart tabs recommends that the tabs are as far out from the center as they can be.  my only option is to put the pistons as close to the hull bump outs as possible.  Hope it is far enough out.  I would post pictures but can't figure out how =)

Any suggestions?
2012 Hurricane SD2000
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