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2006 FD GS194.   Having a  difficult time finding a cover that fits.  Have ordered two and neither fit.   One was for 102 beam and the other 106.  Boat is listed as 101 width.  Seems that the small windshield height takes up more material and makes the cover more narrow.  Looking on line, it seems my boat is the same size as the current SDS 188.  My boat has snaps and I would not rule out that type of cover, but prefer standard cover that straps to trailer.  Working with local dealer and they seem to be doing the same thing as me; searching the internet.

Anyone have suggestions?    


  • cjjjdeck
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    Other than finding a local custom marine upholsterer/custom cover shop, which it sounds like your trying to avoid ($$$), understandably.  I think your choices are going to be limited.
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  • BWH
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    Make that three now. 
  • scibby
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    I had the same issue, when I ordered a replacement, and what I did was I installed it, and took pictures where the issues were, and took the cover and the photo's to a local lady who did curtains and such and in 2 days 45 bucks later I had it back and it fits perfect .