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Boat name on the gunwale?

mlbowden Member Posts: 1
I just purchased a 2013 SS 188 I/O.  I would like to place the name of the boat on the gunwale -- that bump out that hides the engine.  I am trying to figure out how to measure that area. The top of the gunwale is not as long as the bottom.  The lettering will need to taper some at the top in order to keep from being distorted. 

Has anyone placed the name of his/her boat on this area?  If so, could you share some pictures?  Also, has anyone purchased a name from a sign/boat lettering vendor for this area?

Thanks in advance.



  • HotRodRacer
    HotRodRacer Member Posts: 4

    I know you posted in July 2013, but I wanted to update this post in case anyone else was looking for the information.  My advise, as a former sign shop owner, is to take your boat to a local sign shop and let the personnel there measure it.  They can lay it out for you on screen and show you what it will look like on your boat, then it's right the first time.  Saves you from a (possibly expensive) re-do of the lettering.