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Help with Volvo Penta SX Outdrive

CaptainChris Member Posts: 31 ✭✭
Hello everyone. I am new here. I just bought a 2001 Hurricane 2100SD. It has the Volvo Penta 5.0GL V-8 with an SX outdrive. Everything has been excellent with the powertrain until today.

At this point, the outdrive is at full upward tilt. It physically cannot go any further up, as it is touching the bottom of the swimdeck. The tilt/trim button on the throttle is unresponsive when pressing it. I do not hear the hydraulic motor even attempting to move the unit.

If it is helpful, the Mrs was putting the trip up while I pulled the trailer out of the water, but she swears it did not scrap against the ramp. She also forgot to turn the motor off until I got to the top of the ramp and pointed out the error. I have to wonder if either/both of these issues may have resulted in the situation I am in. I am hoping there is a kill switch somewhere that I can just reset, but I appreciate whatever help you all can provide.

I appreciate it,

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