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Still having problem with fuel gauge.

pbolden Member Posts: 45 ✭✭
Hello Everyone,

The fuel gauge was jumping erratically from full to empty to half full and so on.  I cleaned the battery terminals and the gauge settled in at a little more than a quarter tank with no more erratic jumping so I thought that the issue was resolved. 

About a week later I put $150 in fuel in.  When I started the engine the needle pinned to full.  While underway occasionally the needle would sharply jump from full to empty and back again but always to the full position.  Also, $150 in fuel add to the existing fuel should not have been enough to completely fill the tank but it would have been very close.

I have 2 questions.  I it were a ground issue wouldn't the other gauges be effected as I think they're sharing a common ground?  And, if it is an issue with the sending unit is it accessible on my SD217?

FYI.  This earlier post will give more background in to this issue and what previous steps I took:

Paul Bolden
United States Coast Guard Aux, VFC, FSO-VE


  • dhcody
    dhcody Member Posts: 4



    I have had a lot of boats in the past with this problem.  If connections are all tight you might want to just replace the fuel sending unit.  This sending unit is nothing more than a variable resistor that changes with the height of the float.   If yours is erratic it is probably bad.   Considering that the fuel gauge goes full range my thoughts are a bad sensor.  When you had a quarter of a tank most likely it never went to full but fluctuated between empty and the ¼ tank you referenced.   Good luck as most sensors are cheaply made.    

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  • 1pointofview
    1pointofview Member Posts: 74 ✭✭
    until I put $30 in gas in my ss188 115yam yesterday, I had gone out 5 times over the course of buying it a month ago and only spent about a 1/2 tank of fuel.  we went on a  10 mile cruise yesterday and made it a point to check my fuel level before I put it in the water on level ground and it said I had just less than a 1/2 tank.  Well after 20 minute at about 4500 rpm my gauge was flopping around but it was not dropping very much and in fact, looked higher than when I checked it in the garage before we even left for the lake.

    So on the safe side, I put 6 gallons in it when we got to the other side of the lake just to make sure if the gauge was stuck, I would not be stuck in the middle of the water with no gas.  The needle ticked up a little but still nothing I can tell.  I guess my issue is that the first 3 times i took my boat out I have gone from a full tank to a half a tank.  the last 3 times I have hovered around a half a tank including pulling tubes.  I know I am being more conservative while driving around now that I am over the "new toy" feeling and not "seeing what this thing can do" every time I go out, I am just concerned that my gauge is stuck
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  • Capt_Steve
    Capt_Steve Member Posts: 416 admin
    @1pointofview ... get with the selling dealer on this one. Either the float or the sending unit is stuck. Hurricane may need to replace this for you.
  • pbolden
    pbolden Member Posts: 45 ✭✭
    Thanks dhcody.  Things are pointing in the direction of a bad sender.  I am going to pull it in the next couple days.  If you have any experience replacing gauges on hurricanes please read my next post.  Any advice would be appreciated.

    Paul Bolden
    United States Coast Guard Aux, VFC, FSO-VE