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Boat Lift Setup for FD 196 OB

KathyS Member Posts: 3

We ordered a FunDeck FD 196 OB – it should be in at the end of the month.  We need information on how to have our boat lift set up.  Please send asap – we have nowhere else to put our boat!!!



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  • Capt_Steve
    Capt_Steve Member Posts: 416 admin
    @KathyS ... here are the specs for your boat... lift manufacturer or installer should be able to confirm your setup for the particular lift brand using this info. 

    Length (L.O.A.)18' 10" (5.74 M)
    Beam90.5 (2.3 M)
    Maximum HP150 (112 KW)
    Draft, Drive Up10 (254 M)
    Approx. Wet Weight2956 (1342 KG)
    Approx. Dry Weight2100 (953 KG)
    Fuel Capacity27 (102 L)
    Person Capacity9 (7 )

  • KathyS
    KathyS Member Posts: 3

    Thanks - but he was asking me about bunk sizes?  Should he use 2X8's or 2X10/s?  How do I translate the technical information you gave into practical information?

    The lift is currently set up for a pontoon boat.  It is a 6500 lb lift, so I'm sure the size is okay - just the setup is wrong.  We have to get rid of the pontoon V-chocks and get ??????


  • FlyingV5
    FlyingV5 Member Posts: 154 ✭✭✭

    I use a typical 4-point lift for my FD196OB and it has two straight bunks of synthetic 2x6 laid flat and four guide posts with 4" PVC covers. I postion the boat fore & aft visually with a mark on the dock as the lift comes up. Sorry, I can't find a photo of the empty lift but I will take one when I have a chance.