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FD 196- North Bay Marina, Fenwick DE


I was just at North Bay Marina in Fenwick DE this past weekend and was told about someone who previously had an Aquadeck 24 footer and decided to trade it in and get a FD196.  The dealer was trying to tell the guy that though the fundeck is great, he will be disappointed going from what he has to a 19 foot fundeck.  The room and handling difference would be very different.  Needless to say, the guy went through with the deal and bought the FD196.  After four months, his wife is making him take it back.  I heard this boat is full of options.  Anyone looking for a FD 196 should jump on this as it is bound to be a great deal.   Call them up and ask about it.  Just wanted to pass this great deal along.







2013 FD 226

Yamaha 150 Four Stroke

Venture Trailer

2nd RGR BN.