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2400OB SD Gas overflow

I have a 2007 2400 OB that overflows gas every time that I fill. I don't see a vent anywhere and wonder if it is just a design flaw. Anyone else having problems with this or maybe a solution or trick to minimize the problem? 


  • Ernest_T
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    Are you talking about overflow when the tank gets full, or gas backing up during the filling process?  If it only happens when it nears the full mark, I'd blame the gas nozzle you are filling it with not cutting off properly.  We have one fuel line and nozzle at my marina that is notorious for doing this, and it may also have to do with the speed the fuel flows in through this particular hose.  I have a 2100, but no problems filling it, but I think that fuel overflow on boats is a pretty common problem.  I think it has to do in part with the way the tanks are vented.

    I do have a jet ski that constantly overflows during the entire filling process.  Gas will unexpectedly back flow all over the ski and the person filling it anytime during the filling process.  It has to do with the route the fuel fill hose takes (several bends), and the speed of fuel flow.  I can only avoid the problem by filling the ski very very very slowly.  You may have a kink in your fill hose, or it may be pinched, or the vent may be restricted.  I'm not sure if the hose is accessible or not, but I'd look at pulling some of the access plates to see if you can get at the hose. 

    In the end the only option may be to pump very slowly or you might try one of these:  [link= ] [/link] Works for motorcycles anyhow.
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  • We use a vented fill. The opening is in the filler neck right at the cap. You should be able to look inside the opening of the fill and see the vent opening. Sometimes the design of the fill nozzle can block off the vent if the nozzle is placed as far as it will go inside the fill cap, so try to slightly back out on the nozzle and see if things improve.
    Another possibility is that the fill/vent hose may be too long, which could create a bend in the hose and restrict the venting. This hose can be inspected by removing the speaker/cup holder module at the helm seat. If the hose does not have a straight downward flow, then we would recommend the boat be taken to your dealer where they could have it shortened and reattached. Hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any other questions or we can be of assistance in any way.

  • sjcordova
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    Thank you, I will look into those options. Other than that I love my 2400. We did a 600 mile trip last summer on the Trent Severn and the boat ran perfect.
  • sjcordova
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    Thanks ET. I fill slowly and it will back up at any stage of the fill up. Admin gave me some tips, I appreciate all of your advice. 
  • Scott
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    The fuel tank must have a vent somewhere.  Otherwise it would result in a vaccum and eventually starve the engine from fuel.  If you can access the fuel tank look to find a vent line coming from the top.  It's usually 3/8" line.  Also, check around the back or side of the boat for the vent port.  If the boat is stored outside it might have gotten bugs or something in it to plug it up.