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COVER for 18 ft 10 in with OB and beam width of 101 inches.

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Yes, still trying... 

I have a 2006 Hurricane FD GS194.  My boat is similar to the 2013 Sundeck Sport SS 188 OB as well as probbaly many other year models.   18 ft 10 in with OB and beam width of 101 inches.   I have purchased 3 boat covers and none have fit, some were not wide enough eventhough they were suppose to fit and some were too pointed at the front.  Seems the width shortage was caused by not considering height of windshield; tried just buying one a little wider but still no luck.  Contacted 2 local dealers and one started searching internet just as I had done and the other is still looking.  I have the snaps on the boat and am not completely opposed to a snap on cover, but no luck finding that as well.  I am trying to avoid having a cover of either type custiom made due to expense.    

Surely someone knows where I can purchase a cover that will fit this boat .  If you have a cover for a similar boat, PLEASE look at the brand/model etc and let me know.