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While out today I had a local marine owner let me know he calls the fundeck the "sink-deck".  He said the hose that connects the topside drain hole to the side drain hole rots after 5 years or so, as the cause.  He says once the hose rots, and there are high water or extremely rains, such an amount of water is put into the hull that the bilge cannot handle.  Leading ultimately to sinking....any thoughts from anyone?





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  • cjjjdeck
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    Any deck drain that sits below the water line has the potential to fail over time.  I've not heard or read of any owner having a "rotting" deck drain hose issue and there are quite a number of happy older Hurricane owners.  The hoses on my boat do not seem to be of poor quality either (of course only time will tell).

    On my maiden launch I noticed water being pumped out the bilge while we were still at the ramp (at night). I quickly popped open the engine cover and found water pouring in.  The deck drain hose was disconnected from the deck fitting and laying in the bilge (below the water line)..  I also noticed that the same hose's connection at the hull fitting was allowing a bit of water to trickle in too.  I was not happy (I guess I should have at least been happy the bilge pump was working properly!).  I reconnected the deck hose and tightened the hull fitting hose clamp.  It was an easy fix and the incident has not spoiled how much I really enjoy my boat. 

    I do wish that Hurricane would seriously consider using hull fittings that would allow them to use a double clamp on hoses that go over those fittings.  It just adds an extra measure of quality, security and peace of mind.
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  • Capt_Steve
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    @cjjjdeck ... I've passed this along to engineering...thanks for the feedback. @Broadway ... please email Terri in Hurricane Customer Support about this concern. She should be able to put your mind at ease.
  • fishnmaster
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    I have a 1995 196 fun deck that I brought back from sitting uncovered for years. I took it on her maiden voyage on the 3rd for 1 hour. We took water over the bow that seemingly drained through the floor drains. We were slightly overweight to boot. Pulled the plug and had a decent amount of water in the hull. Was alot of traffic on the lake too. Went out slightly less loaded yesterday and was higher winds and more wave action because of traffic. 4 hours this day. Motor stalled because gas tank was underwater I suppose. Almost half of the hull was full. Bilge kicked on but couldn't keep up. Took it out with only 4 of us  on it today on a very calm lake and only took on a few gallons after 3 hours.  I believe my hull drains are the issue. Will be silliconing the bottoms of the front ones becausethey are not
    sealed. Hopefully thos fixes my issues...
  • HurricaneJenny
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    We took our new-to-us '95 Fun Deck 196 on it's maiden SW FL voyage last week.  As we approached a cluster of boats, just sitting where they always do, and I aimed for the opening between them, the jerk on our starboard gun it our of the hole, cutting across our bow, and out that entire HUGE wake on our fore-ward passengers.

    Total jerk, and something I never considered happening.

    In the few months we've had her, siting in a freshwater lake slip, and now in saltwater, there's never been any water in the bilge, and the deck drain starboard aft works just fine.

    The boat sits amazingly low.