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Replacement Helm (Dash) Panels



  • brpickett
    brpickett Member Posts: 2
    Are the panels on a 2004 GS232 interchangable with the newer SS232? From the online photos I've looked at I can see very little change in design, the only differance I can see is repositioning of the gauges.
  • cjjjdeck
    cjjjdeck Member, Moderator Posts: 1,872 ✭✭✭✭
    From the pictures I've seen I would tend to agree with you.  Unfortunately, Hurricane can't verify items like this on models 2005 and older.  Maybe a dealer in your area might have a current SS 232 in stock for you to take a look at.
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  • callforbids
    callforbids Member Posts: 60 ✭✭
    Hello friends! Am glad to see everyone is happy with A D & D's replacement panels. I have just completed my third replacement set. The first was mine and the other two were friends. Several notes I want to pass on:
    1. Some of the gauges are pretty tight and you might have to use a Dremel tool to expand the gauge hole 1/32 to 1/16 inch to fit.

    2. I got Ed Murphy a set of these and that is what he did. One of the installs didn't require any enlarging. I am going to go over to AD & D and talk to Joe (Isabel's son) and see whether he can slightly change the diameter on his templates.

    3. I made a little printout on my computer of the circuit breaker positions. I printed it out and then took it to Staples and had it laminated. I store it in the glove box under the helm seat, but haven't had to use it yet.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful 2016.

  • sabre6hurricane
    sabre6hurricane Member Posts: 1
    Can[t seem to find AD & D. Need a replacement dash. Thanks.
  • rawpowersd2400
    rawpowersd2400 Member Posts: 3
    I recently had them make me a custom panel for my 2014 SD 2400, they did a great job.
    Here is my post and pictures.

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  • FL4995LM
    FL4995LM Member Posts: 8
    Try an old-fashioned Dymo Label Maker.  This is what I did on my Hurricane, and they look great and last.  Besides, you can always make another label if they fade or fall off which I don't think they will.  You can purchase a Dymo from WalMart for about 15 dollars.  I use them for making labels for all kinds of equipment, for instance my tool box drawers where they work great.
  • FL4995LM
    FL4995LM Member Posts: 8
    PS:  This is the Dymo that uses a black plastic strip in which you impress white lettering by hand with a wheel that turns to line up the letter you wish to press in.  Very durable and a good adhesive.