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How I fixed my hatch doors

bkdraft Member Posts: 2
Bought my boat used and both hatch doors had broken hinges, understand this is a common problem. Checked with local dealer about ordering new and was told they were not available anymore. So....had to figure out a way to fix them.
I ordered these stainless steel hinges from Amazon,, already had some stainless screws left over from a dock bumper install. I had to cut some spacers and used some 1/8" acrylic. I used two spacers on the front hatch, but only one on the rear. You will have to figure out the spacers for you own install. I used a dremel to cut the ends of the screws off under the lid. This install works great and should never give any more problems. I did have to put the hinges in a vise and use a hammer to bend one end just enough to make it sit flat on the door.