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Livewell Operation

I know there are several discussions on here about live wells, but I  have not seen my problem discussed yet, so, here it is. I have a new to me, 07 196 REF, 4 swivel fishing seats instead of the little toilet/changing room thing. Anyway, livewell does work, but, appears there is no intermittent (automatic) operation. In other words, once it fills, it just keeps going into overflow and constantly re-circulates. With others I have had, you had a manual/automatic switch, that allowed the constant on, or re-circulate mode where it would go on and off and on about every 5 or so minutes. This boat only has 1 live well, but the helm switch says livewell #1 and livewell#2. It will light up red in both positions, and operates the livewell in position #1, but #2 appears to do nothing when switched to it. Am I missing something? Do these deckboats not have the livewell feature I am looking for or ? Ideas please...................THANKS