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2014 SD sport 188 ob fresh water tank location

wireman Member Posts: 2
I'm the new owner of a 2014 SD sport 188 ob and just trying to learn all that I can about this boat. Can someone point me to the location of the fresh water tank location that supplies the sink? I do have a switch for fresh water but this appears to just be a manual pump setup. Also I need some advice on winterizing the fresh water as well as live well and anything I'm missing. Plan to leave it in the lake in a covered lift year-round. In addition any wiring schematics for this boat would be helpful as I plan to add docking lights and trolling motor. Thanks in advance.


  • houndog709
    houndog709 Member Posts: 8
    Hi, Wireman--I'm also the new owner of a SS188, a 2015 model.  The water supply to the small port side sink and faucet is a bottle that fits under the sink.  The vacuum on the pump pulls it into the line, which rests in the bottle.  I use a plastic milk jug, although I don't find the whole idea very useful.  Can't help much with the concept of winterizing, as I live in Central Texas and don't do much other than drain. Mine is pre-wired for a trolling motor, and has factory docking lights.
  • wireman
    wireman Member Posts: 2
    Thanks houndog, I pulled on the supply hose and found the end of it. I'm like you though, not sure how beneficial this really is. Thanks again
  • piney
    piney Member Posts: 45 ✭✭
    RV water system antifreeze-- the pink stuff
  • skidaddy
    skidaddy Member Posts: 4
    I pump my wash down water tank empty, then add one gallon link t.v. Antifreeze, then turn on pump till liquid comes out sprayer.