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Help with VesselView Mobile Installation

abparkinson Member Posts: 9
I have a 2017 SS 201 IO with the 4.5L Mecruiser.  I recently purchased the Mercury VesselView Mobile to install on the boat and have reviewed all of the installation videos, but I can't seem to find the terminal that I should plug the VesselView into. I've looked on the engine and under the console.  Does anyone have any tips on this? Or a picture of where to find the terminal on the SS 201 IO? Mercury's installation videos don't seem to show. I know I do have the SmartCraft VesselView installed on the boat but not with the digital readout that I want for on my phone.  Thanks!

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  • abparkinson
    abparkinson Member Posts: 9
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    Thanks Captain Steve. I did so and they were very helpful. Appreciate it!  Basically, I didn't realize you needed to remove the engine cover to access the VesselView terminator connection. Also, they recommend buying the 10 pin harness extension (par 84-8M0058668) so that you can keep the VesselView Mobile device away from the other electricals.  Thanks!


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