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Lowest position for bimini on a 2019 Hurricane 2019 SS211??

kXb Member Posts: 3
When I lower the bimini short arms to the shortest position it is still not quite low enough to back in to my garage.   I end up having to protect the motor and rest the cover on it, then put the arms back in place once the boat is tucked inside.   It is a real pain and I don't like having all that pressure/weight on the bimini or motor even if just for a little while.   

Is there another position that would work better for storage purposes??  I've thought of adding a set of slides on the rails forward of the ones the boat came with to see if that works but maybe it's just user error and I am unaware of another setting.   

Surely someone else has encountered the same issue??


  • thurricane
    thurricane Administrator Posts: 522 admin
    The trailering arms are the lowest position.  Have seen other lay them down like you have described.  The only other thing I can think of is to consider removing it if your not planning on using the boat for a bit?
  • kXb
    kXb Member Posts: 3
    The boat is used pretty often but we always put it away in the garage.   I will have it in the dealer's place soon for some other items and will ask them if there are options.   Thanks for the reply.