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Fun Deck 196 Transom and Stringers

Alright, here's my problem... I've got a '90(?) fun deck 19'. Absolutely love the boat, but it's had a rough life. The floor started rotting around the helm, which is to be expected of a boat that old. But, it prompted me to check my transom... lo and behold I drill a little hole out (had to install a depth finder anyways) and water pours out. Drill out a few older holes from previous attachments and they're all wet too. If I knock on the bottom half of the transom, its a dull thud like rotten wood. Knock on the top and it sounds solid. Still want to replace it tho. 

My biggest question is about the stringers though... are they completely screwed? I've heard they were built into the transom... If that's the case, is there any way to repair from the back of the boat without cutting the top off? 

No, new boat is not an option. Yes, I am willing to spend ours of hard labor to fix the POS. But is it possible? 

Any help is appreciated, and thankyou in advance. 


  • sullmate
    sullmate Member Posts: 108 ✭✭
    I had a similiar problem with another boat. The transom is a main concern. It should be replaced as the force on the transom, by the engine, will cause severe cracking and weakening. The floor is not too bad a job but you must remove the old floor to see the condition of the stringers. On my boat, the stringers were rotten. In total it is a very labor intensive job. Good luck !
  • RobertHan
    RobertHan Member Posts: 28
    Use a hard object in tapping the suspected sections. The void under the surface gives a dull sound, which is the sign to replace the transom. To be sure that there’s delamination, you may drill 5mm-diameter inspection holes.
    After taking this action, the drill’s tip will show you a sign of decay if there’s any. The other way to check is to squeeze the core material.Type your comment
    IRISHTORNADO Member Posts: 14
    Pull the top deck if you’re looking to fix this correctly.