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wiring diagram

I need a wiring diagram for a 2004 sundeck with a Yamaha O/B serial number GDYA5819D404


  • jjohnson861jjohnson861 USAMember Posts: 4
    Starting to seem like the folks who have access to the wiring diagrams here may not be active here as often now?  The one gentleman I saw providing a lot of folks with diagrams seems to be offline since June of this year.  I HOPE all is well with him.  But I posted in another area also seeking a wiring diagram with no luck as yet.  I'll copy in my request here as well so perhaps someone else might be able to help?
    I'm dealing with an electrical short problem on a 1996 Hurricane 196R and could also use a wiring diagram to help figure it out.  My ID number is:  GDYM4344F696.  Any help you can provide would really be appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

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