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Garmin Echomap

Hi, I am a new owner of a 2012 Sun Deck 187 OB.  I would like to install a Garmin Echomap Plus 44CV and would like to get thoughts on where to mount the transducer.  This unit comes with a transom mounted transducer but thoughts on an inhull mounted transducer are also welcome.  Thanks


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    I posted a somewhat related question as noted below.  I have a 2018 226F Fundeck and want to replace the existing unit with something more substantial. My trailer is really too long for my boat and the bunks hinder where I can install a new transducer. I'd like to go with a thru the hull transducer or similar as opposed to installing one on the transom, but that is the most likely spot. Based on your unit, it should tell you where to install. By way of comparison, I've been looking at a Humminbird Helix 7 and they suggest installing the transducer on the starboard side and at least 15" from the prop. I'd prefer to go inboard of the inner bunk and not sure if it really must be 15" from the prop or not. I know you want "clean" and essentially laminar water flow, but not sure how the prop disturbs that since it is then aft of the transducer.  Anyway...for me, this provides but one location as noted, but I am a bit gunshy as I feel I will end up knocking off the transducer. However, locating adjacent to a strake is also discouraged since it creates turbulent water, so I am not sure if even this location will work for me. I also simply don't like the idea of drilling holes, so was planning to use a stern pad (bonded block) to mount the transducer, but I still need a place to route the cable.  The cleanest is a new hole directly above, but again, don't prefer that if I can avoid it. I'd like to see what others have done and what your options are.
    2018 FD226F w/150 Yamaha & 2021 MagicTilt TCA2460W trailer
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