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2016 Hurricane Sundeck Sport SS201 no power for any accessories, lights horn bilge ect... Dash fine

pchieco Member Posts: 5
I recently opened up my boat from winter storage and the trim up and down works the gauges on the dash work but I am chasing down an electrical problem.  Everything else is dead. All accessories, gauges, lights depth finder bilge radio etc....  Basically everything on my switch panel is dead. I noticed there were these little reset buttons on the panel which I pressed but nothing changed. I checked all the fuses near the two battery hook up location and everything looked fine. I have a master switch on my Dash panel which controls every other switch on that panel is there a inline fuse that I can track to see if that's blown not sure where it's located. Any assistance would be appreciated


  • mtk_rob
    mtk_rob Confirm Email, Member Posts: 32
    if your boat is under warranty, call the dealer. if you don't feel comfortable testing things with a voltmeter (set in a range of 12V DC), call the dealer or a marine electrician of some kind (does that exist, not sure)?

    check any fuses coming off the positive/red terminal of the battery before they enter any wiring harness. if they are good, the 2nd thing i would check in the battery compartment is the terminal block for the negatives (black). are there any obvious disconnects or bad/eroded contacts there? if so, fix. test the red/positive direct against the battery and the black/neg against the terminal block. you should get a reading of 12V DC.

    if your boat is old, you're probably dealing with something that has corroded. if it's newer, you're probably dealing with something that has vibrated loose or has been physically cut/damaged.

    next thing to test if all looks good in battery compartment:  unscrew the switch panel at the helm. make sure nothing is disconnected or hanging loose. if all is well, try putting the black/negative probe in the black wire that comes into the top tab of the MAIN switch, and the red/positive probe into the the red wire normally connected to the middle tab of the switch.  do you see 12V there? if not, power isn't getting up there, there's a break further back.

    if that's the case, i would also run a wire direct to the negative of the battery, attach that to the black/negative lead of the voltmeter, and test the positive side against the red wire coming into the main switch. that might give you an idea of whether it's the positive or negative side that is broken because your negative is coming direct from battery.

    i don't know your boat, but if power to MAIN is dead, i'd also trace the positive/red side back to see if it hits any terminal blocks before it hits MAIN and test the same thing there too.

    if that all checked out at 12V DC, reconnect the middle red wire to the MAIN switch so positive is coming IN to the switch, disconnect the bottom red wire (which will be positive OUT to the circuit breakers). put your negative/black probe on the top black wire coming into MAIN and the the red/negative probe on the  bottom male tab of the switch and then turn the MAIN switch on. you should see 12V DC. if you don't, your MAIN switch is bad. in this case power is coming into the switch but not flowing out so just replace it.

  • pchieco
    pchieco Member Posts: 5
    Thank you.  It was the Resettable circuit breaker. I replaced with a new one and that solved the problem.