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new hurricane owner with lots of questions....


  • TheDirtyOarTheDirtyOar Member Posts: 1
    sorry this site dosn't work well on kindle.
    I have a 1996 hurricane 246 that i love, however i need some info on it.
    its pretty difficult to find any info on hurricane on line and even worse for older hurricanes such as mine.

    #1 what is the factory prop size and pitch for my boat (mine has a 7.4 bravo 454 with an alpha one)

    #2 Was there a factory windshield ? if so where can i locate one? I have seen a 1995 what had a short windshield but the console looked nothing like my 1996.

    #3 Mine has a small sink however the faucet is missing, any chance on locating one? it looks like the faucet head would have a push in fitting to connect it to what is there (i can take a pic if anyone needs one)

    #4 next to the sink there is a small storage area with a lid, anyone have any clue what this is or was ?

    I have a million more questions on this boat, but i guess i'll start there.

    Any of you boat at greenwood lake btw? id love to see some other hurricanes, currently i only know of one other in my lake.

    happy boating.   
  • armywife57armywife57 Member Posts: 3
    The storage area by the sink is the area where a trash can goes.  Mine came with the trash can  so it fit right in there perfectly.  Seems like a pretty standard size (small kitchen or larger bathroom type size) so maybe you can find one to fit.
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