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Live Well Question

This is probably a very elementary question, but the owners manual doesn't have a lot of information on the live well.    I've yet to use my live well for storing my bait.  When I buy live bait, especially shrimp, the bait store always tell me to not put the bait in the water and to leave it in the bucket (with an air rator).  I think here in Florida, the water is too warm compared to what they use in their tanks.   How exactly does the live well work?  Does it recirculate water from outside of the boat or could I fill it with the bucket of water I get my bait from? 


  • nquirk
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    @epavuk.  Your livewell draws water from the intake under your boat, circulates it into your livewell, and the overflow/drain goes back out to a return line.  The circulation provides a continuous supply of fresh oxygenated water.

    If the outside water is too warm, then you'd have to skip the livewell, and use a container with an aerator in it which instead of circulating new water already oxygenated, will simply add air to the water for the live bait to survive.

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