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Will 4-Stroke OB Be Too Heavy?

I'm considering a new Merc 150hp 4-stroke outboard for my 1988 Fundeck 226. The boat is rated for 200hp, but back in 1988 that probably assumed a much lighter 2-stroke. The Merc 150 weighs approx. 450 lbs. Will it be too heavy for this boat?


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    I've done a quick search on 1988 Mercury outboards and found on the NADA guides that the 150HP version weighed 378lbs.  Interestingly enough, they list the 200HP (top rated engine) is at 358lbs.

    A 2013 2 stroke runs 431lbs and a 4 stroke is around 450lbs.

    In newer boats, the rating is in Max HP, but sometimes includes a maximum weight as well.  These combined factors will determine if its suitable.  (Perhaps Hurricane Engineering Dept can advise if there was a maximum weight specification for that model in that year)

    The weight, combined with the HP of the engine will determine the overall stresses exerted on the transom.

    While its a 12-15% increase in weight, it's a 25% decrease in HP so the combination may be safe to implement (given the assumption that the transom is in very good condition)

    Given the fact that a current 226 will support a current 200HP engine, I'd be inclined to believe that a 150HP 4 stroke from today would still be suitable for your application, with note that the bow rise will be slightly higher as a result of the weight.  I'd still like to hear from Hurricane Engineering Dept on this as I don't know the impact of the extra 70lbs of weight)

    Hope this helps.




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    Thanks - this helps.  Hope the engineering dept will comment as well.
  • Capt_Steve
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    @whs2104 ... I've asked Jeremy for an opinion on this...just awaiting response. Notice that I didn't ask him to "weigh in"...that would have been corny.
  • Capt_Steve
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    @whs2104 ... according to engineering, that motor will be just fine on your boat.
  • whs2104
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    That's great news - thanks so much for the quick responses!
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    I bought that same boat with that same motor and am very pleased with performance & fuel economy so far. I just got back from Alaska & that is the motor that a lot of the lodges are going to. Servmgr64 2013 FD226 2013 mercury 150 4 stroke 2014 Shorelander trailer
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